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Galactic Recycling was created on Year 10 Day 128 with the intention of providing an affordable recycling service for independent players as well as factions. It arose out of [Classified]'s view that few of the recycling factions in the galaxy actually make themselves available to recycle facilities to non-aligned factions/individuals.

Soon after the company was founded we won free and fair elections on the planet [Classified]. [Classified] then became our HQ and main base of operations, we quickly went to work establishing a firm goodwill from our citizens, within weeks we had factory cities up and running producing Ugly fighters which provided much needed employment for the new immigrants, who hearing of our recent election victory started to flood to the planet for a taste of the good life

[Classified] the owner/leader of Galactic Recycling is an expert recycler and set-up an aggressive training program to get new recyclers trained in record time. Due to this program we were openly accepting recycling contracts within the first months of opening for business.

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