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Welcome to Galactic Recycling's new website. Try out our new electronic ordering system in the public sales department. Coming soon, ordering system for recycling facilities!

Galactic Recycling is a new recycling faction built from [Classified]'s small person fortune. Galactic Recycling strives to be the best recycler in the galaxy. Unlike many of our competitors we actually specialise in recycling facilities. Starting with only a faction shell and 40 million credits, we are growing faster than anyone expected of us. Soon after the company was founded we won elections on the planet [Classified], this is our Head Quarters and main production centre for Ugly Fighters, Wreckers and Salvager Droids. Galactic Recycling strives for QoS (Quality of Service) for our customers and we do what we can to provide customer satisfaction. Galactic Recycling is here to help the little guy become successful in the galaxy today by setting our prices so our customers can buy our product for lower than market prices and providing faster than light service. To achieve a faster than light service, we have set up a new electronic ordering system that notifies the public sales department through e-mail that an order has been placed.

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